Bambu Station | Brazil Tour 2021


All Brazil Tour dates for 2021 have been postponed until all health and safety concerns have been satisfied. Boost those immune systems and be safe family. Sign up on our email list to get all information regarding all things in the HouseOfBambu.

Jus Joy

Bambu Station/Boom Sess

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[NEW RELEASE] Big tune by Jalani Horton & newcomer Boom Sess on this Sattivus riddim. This is Rockers to the Bone! Boom Sess is a conscious roots & urban Sisdren. She perfectly blends with the rootical vibe of Bambú Station's frontman. From the first drop "Jus Joy" is beautiful. Pure lyrics, enjoy.

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Various Sisters

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The Sisters run things on this various artists' international riddim. SUNDANCE RIDDIM brings the hope, the love, the vision and more. Pre-order now. Release date 2021. Produced by Jalani Horton.

Expected release: July 2, 2021

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